For those who say “I have a good taste of wine, I want to taste and buy the best quality whites and reds”, I set out in Sabah and tasted lunch and Gali wines at the Gali Vineyard near Evreşe on the Gelibolu Route, with the magnificent sea and valley views. Then, with Bordeaux blends, a tour of the vineyard and wine production facility and tasting in Chateau Kalpak, considered the king of Thracian reds. Then, settling in your room in the Barbaros Vineyard within the Barbare vineyards, visiting the vineyard and cellar, tasting Barbare wines at your dinner in Barbaros Vineyard. In the morning, after breakfast at Barbaros Vineyard, I have a tasting in Gülor wine house in Eriklice Village of Şarköy. Then, tasting Umurbey wines accompanied by snacks such as cheese and tapas at Umurbey Winehouse in Teekiradağ. Afterwards, tasting Chamlija wines and late lunch at Çamlık Restaurant near Büyükkarışğan Village and returning to Istanbul.

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