Gaziantep Gourmet Tour

Day 1  Istanbul / Gaziantep

We are moving to Gaziantep city center with our vehicle waiting for us at the airport in Gaziantep. Extraordinary culinary riches in the UNESCO Creative Cities city, which was first included in the field of gastronomy Network Gaziantep from Turkey; It is a flavor paradise with an international geographical indication with about 500 different kinds of local food and desserts. A city with such special features has a colorful culture range besides local flavors. We visit the Zeugma Mosaic museum, where we can see the magnificent floor and wall mosaics uncovered from the underwater city of Zeugma. Then, we visit the Emine Göğüş Culinary Museum and Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum.

Day 2  Gaziantep Bazaar Tour, Historical Mosques and Castle Square, Medusa Glass Works Museum

After breakfast in our hotel, we start the first lesson of our Gastronomy Program. Our Gastronomy Program; In the kitchens for ten people prepared in our hotel, our guests can see how the flavors unique to Gaziantep are prepared in 3-day packages, the extent of which ingredients are used, how the meats will be marinated according to the season, which kebabs should be prepared according to the season, which flavors are prepared according to the characteristics of seasonal vegetables, abundance all over Anatolia You will be informed about the place and importance of the various grains you can find in Gaziantep cuisine; In the light of all these teachings, they will enjoy the happiness of being able to easily make those valuable and rare tastes in their own homes. You will be able to cook and taste indisputable kebabs, soups, vegetables and meat dishes in the light of this very special information.

Our Gastronami Program;

Local Menu: Oz Soup, Sour Meatballs, Alinazik, Katmer Finish 13.00

After lunch, we arrive at the Gaziantep Castle, a new museum where the famous Antep defense was held during the Liberation struggle. From here, we visit the Medusa Glass Works Museum on our way. Just before dark, we give you free time in the bazaar of coppersmiths, yemenismen, spice sellers and pistachio shops where we will do our local shopping.

Day 3   After breakfast at our hotel, the 2nd day of our Gastronomy Program: Gastronomy Program Scheme: Start 10.00 Local Menu: Variegated Soup, Stuffed Olive Oil, Gaziantep Baklava, End 13.00 (meals made from 13.00 will be eaten in a fun environment.) may vary according to After dinner, we reach Bey District, one of the oldest quarters of Gaziantep. Here, you will witness the history as you wander the streets of Antep houses, where you can see the best examples of old stone and woodwork. In an old Armenian mansion (Tahmis), where we will stop by to relieve our tiredness during this trip to the past, we will both take photos of the mansion and sip the local turpentine coffee. At the end of the tour, we come to Gaziantep Airport and return to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines flight from Gaziantep – Istanbul.


Transportation by private tour vehicles.
1 night stay in YP.
2 Morning breakfast.
1 Dinner.
Trips specified in the program.
Guidance and Move accompaniment services.
Hot and cold treats during travel.


Drinks in Meals
Museum and Ruins Fees

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