Western Black Sea Adventure Gourmet Tour (Kastamonu – Küre milli parkı – İnebolu – Amasra – Safranbolu)

Day 1

Arrival to Izmir and transfer to the hotel with the flight time you set in the morning. Checking in at the hotel and starting our history and taste tour at Konak with your guide at 12:00 noon. We learn about the flow of the tour, accompanied by the teas we will drink at Hacı Şerif, which offers very special flavors.

We start our tour from Konak Square, where the Clock Tower, the symbol of Izmir, is also located. Historical Provincial Mansion, Clock Tower, Ayşe Hatun Mosque and Yellow Barracks, which was the most magnificent structure of this square, are among the places we will see in a panoramic view. Now is the time to get lost in the back streets of Kemeraltı and taste its unique flavors.

While tasting special foods, on the one hand, we learn why it is famous, how it is made, and discover its mysteries on the other.

Our first stop is Elgani Ezmecisi. We learn how pure flavors are manufactured. A few steps later, while watching the sprinkle pastry making, we look forward to the cooking of herby-cheese and minced meat pies. Other taste stalls are also waiting for us. Cold cold is a food unique to Izmir. Value Söğüşçüsü is the place where we will taste the big one, not the big one.

Our discovery on Beyler Street takes us to the Salepçioğlu Mosque. This mosque, built in the baroque style at the turn of the century, is famous for its hand drawn work. Keep going. We visit the Photographer Shop of the first photographer of Izmir, Hamza Rüstem, in the arcade with the same name and learn about its history. We ask them to open the museum-rooms on the upper floor and find the opportunity to see hundreds of cameras and materials.

In Başdurak, we enjoy the famous Black Mulberry Sherbet squeezed from real fruits around the corner and continue to Chestnut Bazaar. It is impossible to walk non-stop in front of Tahsin, the famous Kemeraltı Pickle, whose mouth watered while passing by. Pickles made of all kinds of fruits and vegetables look like a painting before us.

Kardeşler Köftecisi offers its delicious meatballs without compromising the quality of the meat. Of course we will taste it. A few steps away, Numan Pide has already started to cook our herb-cheese and roasted pita we ordered over wood fire. But there are other flavors to come.

Abacıoğlu Han is our next stop. In this 250-year-old inn, we will taste the delicious Bosnian Mantı of the Ayşa Bosnian Pastry. We feel the history by visiting the upper floor of this historical and sparkling place. Yola Cafe is another delightful place of Lesmire Abacıoğlu.

Now is the time to set out for the boiling Hisaronu. But it is not possible without stopping by the historical Havra Street, where the freshest of all kinds of food is sold. It’s a paradise for photographers. We are slowly turning our direction towards Hisaronu. Hisarönü is the place where Izmir’s port and therefore its center was about 2,400 years ago. It maintained this position until 250 years ago. Kızlarağası Inn, where goods from Anatolia are stored and loaded onto ships, are the last two spots we will visit and see the adjacent Hisar Mosque. But we do not finish our tour without tasting the dried beans and rice of Bizim Lokanta and visiting the Hisarönü Şambalicisi, which are full of queues in front of them.

Our tour, where we will have the opportunity to see the beauties of Historical Inns, Salepçioğlu and Hisar Mosques, will be completed on the upper floor of Kızlarağası Han. This tour will fill your eyes, heart and stomach.

Return to the hotel after the tour, free time in the evening and accommodation at the hotel.

Tour Start and End: 12:00 – 18:00

Day 2

 Departing from the specified meeting point in Izmir, we set off for Urla with our vehicle. Our first stop in Urla, the health city of Izmir’s important historical district, will be Ayerya Café, where we will discover the past and developments of wine and olives. Here we meet OLIVURLA with olive and olive oil organic agriculture background.

We go to the center of Urla with our vehicle. After getting information about the Quarantine and visiting the Klazomenai Olive Oil workshop, we visit the workshop where functional replicas of the Cyclades boats used 2600 years ago are made. Art street and Malgaca market and free time to eat.

Olive oil and herbs for lunch; we have the chance to taste both delicious and healthy Aegean dishes; Begendik Abi and Şafak restaurant, fish soup at Önder Fish Cook or Katmer at Malgaca Market are among our recommendations.

Then we move towards Urlice Vineyards. We realize a unique tasting in the vineyards where we will have a pleasant time.

In the continuation of our tour, we visit Arbitorium where unique botanical plants are located in Uzbaş Botanical Farm. We visit the wine tasting, cellar and workshop in Urla winery.

We set off for Köstem Olive Oil Museum in Uzunkuyu, half an hour away from Urla. We visit the world’s largest Olive Oil Museum and get information about olives and olive oil.

We set out for Alaçatı, the last stop of our tour. We sip our coffee in the square coffee. We walk around the church and explore the narrow streets made of cobblestone with Hacımemiş, take photos and spend free time in the village.

It’s time to return. We set off for Izmir by adding what we ate and what we saw into our memories.

Arrival to Izmir, free time in the evening and overnight stay at the hotel.

Projected Tour Start and End: 09:00 – 18:00

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