Day 1

We welcome our guests at the airport.

First of all, we visit the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Göbeklitepe excavation site, which is about 20 km from Şanlıurfa, which has led to the rewriting of human history, and we watch a cinevision show. Then, Turkey’s largest and the world’s premier came to the Neolithic (Stone Age) is the Museum, Sanliurfa and Aleppo Archaeological Garden Mosaic museums we visit the complex. After a lunch in Sanliurfa with local delicacies consisting of Lahmacun, Urfa Kebab or Liver Kebab, Halil ü Rahman and Aynzeliha lakes, symbolized with Şanlıurfa and identified with Prophet İbrahim, will be visited by Hz. We visit the caves where Abraham was born and thrown into the fire with a sweet walk accompanied by legends.

After a tea-coffee, Mırra or Menengiç coffee break at Gümrük Han and after a free time for shopping in historical bazaars, we move to our hotel.

We attend the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Şanlıurfa ‘Sequence Night’ ‘event; we have dinner and have fun with Urfa music.

Day 2 

After breakfast in the mansion in the morning, we take a panoramic city tour and visit the historical Harran City, 50 km from Şanlıurfa, the Mound and Sin temple and the first Islamic university ruins, and then visit a Conical Dome cultural house and examine many ethnographic artifacts and then tea and coffee and Mirra. We take a break and take photos with very colorful local clothes unique to Harran. Then we take the city museum (Music, Kitchen, Kurtuluş, etc. can be in other desired museums), walks in the historical streets in the historical city wall, we visit the Urfa mansions where large families live in the region’s climate and visit historical places (also used as synagogues and churches, grand mosque and historical Urfa). After the winter (can be shipped) purchases of peanut, drying, pomegranate syrup, etc., we move on to the plane to see you on other sightseeing tours.

Included Services

1 night accommodation including breakfast at the hotel of your choice

Guidance service

Flight ticket

Transportation by comfortable vehicles suitable for the number of people

Services Not Included

Museum and archaeological site entrance fees

All meals

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