Day  1    Boutique Mardin On the 1st day of our Batman Gourmet Tour, after meeting with our guests at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Pegasus counter at 05:10 in the morning, our Identity Card or Driver’s License and Pegasus Airlines flight number PC2430 07:10 – Check-In for Mardin flight we carry out our transactions. After a 2-hour flight, we met with our car and guide waiting for us at Mardin Airport, and after our (Extra) Breakfast Break, we reached Yeni Hasankeyf, where he moved due to the flood of the Ilısu Dam, and the Akkoyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan died in the Battle of Otlukbeli in 1473. After watching Zeynel Bey Tomb built for his son Zeynel Bey, El-Rızk Mosque and Sultan Süleyman Mosque with half minaret from our vehicle, we reach Midyat, which is the meeting point of religions and languages, which is called Matiate on Assyrian tablets, and in our free time for the Telkari shopping in Midyat Silversmith Bazaar. Our guests who wish can see the House of Ibrahim Sabo, made by Habib Aktaş, the master of lace of the stone, and host the TV series, and buy Syriac Wine. Then, in the arid and treeless geography of Mardin, we reach the White Water like an oasis with its cool and clear water, local trees and greenery, and after the Lunch Break we will give in our restaurant built on the stream in the style of traditional thrones and the oriental corner, İpek On the way, we will arrive in Nusaybin, which is named “Nırbo” by the Sumerian king Lugazakis, located in the northern part of Mesopotamia, at the ground zero with Syria, and stop at its bazaar. At the end of our break, Ephesus of the Southeast, which witnessed the war between the Persian Emperor Darius and Alexander the Great, who is thought to have built a garrison city for military purposes to protect the eastern border of the Eastern Roman Empire against the Sassanids in 505 with the initiatives of Emperor Anastasius. We arrive at Dara Ancient City, which is known as. By seeing the magnificent Water Cistern under the ground, which is called a dungeon by the locals, bearing all the features of Byzantine architecture, and the Evacuation Arches of the controlled water drainage gates of the Dara Dam, we complete our trip and return to our Hotel in Mardin. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Day 2  :   Kasımiye Madrasa, Deyr-ul Zaferan Monastery, Şahtana Mansion

Mardin Streets, Kasımiye Madrasa, Deyr-ul Zaferan Monastery, Mardin Grand Mosque, Şahtana Mansion

On the 2nd day of our Plane Boutique Mardin Batman Gourmet Tour, after breakfast we will have at our hotel in the morning, we arrive in Mardin, whose name means “Castles”, and start touring. From our vehicle, we get off at Diyarbakır Gate and get on minibuses (Extra: 3.5 TL). On our way, Hz. We get off from the minibuses in Cumhuriyet Square by seeing the Sheikh Çabuk Mosque, where the tomb of Abdullah Bin Enes El Cüheyni, known as Muhammad’s messenger, is located from the outside. After shopping for Blue Almond Candy, one of the famous ones of Mardin, whose paint has the ability to heal canker sores in the mouth of babies, dyed with madder obtained from Lahore tree, we will tour Mardin on foot. The Grand Mosque, which is estimated to have been built by the Armenian Master Lole in the 11th century and famous for its minaret, the Abbaras that provide arched passages between the streets, the Old Ptt Building, an old Armenian Mansion known as Şahtana Mansion, and the Artuklu Sultan Melik in the early 13th century. We will finish our Mardin City Tour by seeing the Şehidiye Mosque, which is thought to be built by Nasreddin Artuk Aslan. After having our coffees against Northern Mesopotamia in the spare time to be given, we will meet with our car at Savur Kapı and go to Deyr-ul Zaferhan Monastery, which was built on a sun temple later, for 640 years until 1932, the residence of the Assyrian Orthodox Patriarchs. . Here, the House of Saints with 52 Patriarch and Metropolitan tombs, the Church of St. Hananyo and the Virgin Mary Church, which is used only on 15 August every year, and its construction were unfinished due to the Mongolian attacks during the Timurid period, and the Akkoyunlu sultan Cihangiroğlu was completed in the November period. We visit the Kasımiye Madrasa and begin our journey towards Mardin Airport. We have Check-In procedures done for our Pegasus Airlines flight number PC2433 at 20:10 – Sabiha Gökçen and begin our flight to Istanbul. At the end of our 2-hour journey, we arrive at Sabiha Gökçen Airport and complete our tour.


– 1 Night Accommodation in Hotels

– Compulsory Travel Insurance No. 1618

– All Included Sightseeing Tours

– Ferry, Parking Lot, Highway and Bridge Fees

– Professional Guidance and Accompanying Services

– Transportation by Luxury Vehicles and In-Vehicle Water Supply

– 1 Breakfast and 1 Dinner in Hotels

– Istanbul / Mardin – Eco Class Departure Ticket with Pegasus Hy

– Mardin / Istanbul – Eco Class Return Ticket with Pegasus Hy

– Departure Transfer to Sabiha Gökçen Airport


– Eat All Lunch

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