Western Black Sea Adventure Gourmet Tour (Kastamonu – Küre milli parkı – İnebolu – Amasra – Safranbolu)

Day 1 In the morning, we meet with our guests at the point we will determine. Kure Mountains in the western Black Sea, Turkey and even the world “must-see before you die” is located in the list.

Küre Mountains was declared a national park in 2000. It is a natural wonder with its karst structure, caves and canyons, waterfalls, forest structure and animal diversity. You should definitely get to know this region with its village houses preserving its different architectural structure, local dishes and cultural values. Overnight at our Kastamonu Hotel.

Day 2 After breakfast, following Çandaroğlu Mahmut Bey Mosque, built in Kasaba Village without using any nails, 14th century Çandaroğlu Mahmut Bey Mosque, moving in the direction of Pınarbaşı, with its Flora and Fauna, Küre, which contains endemic plants, 129 bird and 40 mammal species in the old forest After getting to know the Mountains National Park, Valla Canyon, Ilıca Waterfall, we will cross the Küre Mountains and descend to the Western Black Sea coast and stay in Abana.

 Day 3 Inebolu, Doğanyurt, Cide Gideros Bay, which we can call the Ölüdeniz of the Black Sea, and Kurucaşile will be recognized, and then boat workshops will be seen in Tekkeönü Bay where fishing boats are built. Later, Çakraz, which has the most beautiful beach of the entire Black Sea, and then the paradise corner Amasra will be visited. Then, after coming to Bartın and getting to know the cultural assets here, we will go to Safranbolu to stay overnight.

Participants in this trip; Pastrami Bread, Ecevit Soup, Banduma, Tirit, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Meat Bread, Salad, Eğşi (Sour Apple Juice) Black Soup, Roasted Isbıt, Roasted Mushroom, Butcher Meatballs, Daily Fresh Fish Varieties, Pan, Famous 7-Layer Amasra Salad, They will enjoy delicious local delicacies such as Yogurt with Honey, Tarhana or Keskek with milk, stuffed grape leaves, Ravioli, perohi, Noodle, Flamed Ice Cream, Pumpkin Dessert, Samsa dessert.

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